During this phase, tension tends to build over issues such as children, jobs, or money. This phase also involves verbal abuse by the abuser. During this phase, the victim tries to please the abuser by giving in or avoid the abuse altogether. Eventually the tension escalates and physical abuse begins.


During the acute battering episode, physical violence begins. Typically, this episode is triggered by an external event or by the emotional state of the abuser, rather than the victim’s behaviour.

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During the honeymoon phase, the abuser expresses remorse for his or her actions and may try to minimize the situation. The abuser may even blame his or her partner for the abuse. During this phase, the abuser may display loving and kind behaviour followed by apologies and generosity. The abuser will attempt to convince his or her partner that the abuse or wrongdoing will not happen again. By doing this, the abuser often convinces the victim that it is unnecessary to leave the relationship.